Network Efficiency
Appraisal Team (NEAT)

Rapid Quantification and Optimization of 
Your Network Tool Performance and Costs

Determine the performance of your network monitoring and security tools and get best-practice recommendations from the Gigamon Network Efficiency Appraisal Team (NEAT). This free service helps you answer essential questions, such as:

  • How efficient are your network tools today?
  • Should you make additional tool investments — even if you plan to shrink data center operations?

You’ll learn how to measure and model your tool performance accurately while also quantifying its financial impact. The analysis includes the ability to examine the precise traffic composition and volume that feeds your data center tools. With these new insights, you can make data-driven decisions about improving your network infrastructure. This includes ways to save on tool and infrastructure costs along with the ability to create fact-based cases for internal budget requests.


  • Assess initial optimization range in 45-minutes
  • Benchmark your current data center tool performance
  • Conduct traffic and cost analysis with your IT or finance teams
  • Create financial models to quantify the costs and efficiency of your data center operations
  • Identify opportunities to streamline traffic to tools and reduce tool sprawl without sacrificing data fidelity

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