RSA NetWitness® Suite
with Visibility Platform for
AWS Joint Test Drive

This Test Drive provides a fully automated, no-cost proof-of-concept Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on AWS with deployments of RSA NetWitness Suite integrated with Gigamon’s Visibility Platform. In a matter of minutes see how you can gain automated visibility into your cloud workloads, create a Flow Map, and leverage the power of the GigaSMART applications for traffic intelligence. As part of the Test Drive, you’ll experience how RSA NetWitness Suite receives the prioritized network traffic from the Gigamon Visibility Platform to quickly investigate and identify potential threats to your AWS applications.

To get started, simply complete the form. You will receive your login and credential information by email within 15 minutes.

A guide walks you through the test drive taking about an hour. However, you have 3 hours from receipt of the email to explore the test drive environment. If you need more time, you can register for another test drive.

For more information about how you can gain automated visibility into your cloud networks, check out:

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